The Holy Bible in Modern English

Ferrar Fenton

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This unique version, printed in large text format, contains the complete Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, translated into English directly from the original Hebrew, Chaldee and Greek languages, with instructions and critical notes by Ferrar Fenton. Mr. Fenton explained how he came to take up this arduous work: “In the year 1853 I chose to study the Bible absolutely in its original languages, to ascertain what its writers actually said and taught. 

He went on to relate the reasons for his devotion to the laborious task in which he became involved: “I am deeply convinced that, if the Sacred Scriptures are again made clearly intelligible to the whole of our people, by being translated absolutely afresh from the Hebrew and Greek into the same style and diction as all our current literature, our people will again see their Divine teachings with the delight and devoted faith their forefathers did.