Approach To Armageddon

Keith Robinson

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Keith Robinson was raised as a Presbyterian Protestant, with a considerable knowledge of the ancient Christian prophecies about The End of the Age. Later, during the so-called Cold War, he studied both the American and Russian thermonuclear warfare survival courses. He is also a voracious reader, and an avid student of history, science and world affairs. These studies eventually enabled him to compare the world’s present conditions and the capabilities of modern nuclear war, to the ancient Biblical prophecies about the Last Days of the present world order.

The resulting book entitled “Approach to Armageddon”, which took more than ten years to research and write, can best be described as a defense of the King James Bible and the Protestant Christian faith generally. It points out that (a) the ancient Bible prophecies appear to be far more relevant and accurate than anything in East-ern Mysticism, the Mayan Calendar, Nostradamus, or the Da Vinci Code, and (b) that the United States and Great Britain have made disastrous national mistakes, which may ultimately lead to the rise of the Anti-Christ, and to a worldwide nuclear war.