By the Renewal of Your Mind

Howard B. Rand, LL.B.

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When Jesus Christ came forth from the grave, demonstrating His own bodily resurrection, He brought immortality itself into view. The physical handicaps and limitations imposed upon the human body of flesh and blood no longer hampered His movements or brought weariness to His soul. That which was mortal had become immortal. Christians who attain the great prize of immortality will, in the coming day of resurrection or translation, having bodies freed from all the present day physical encumbrances.

This is the thrilling prospect of which Paul speaks in 1 Corinthians 15: 54.
Was Paul intimating in Ephesians 4: 23 that, through the action of the Spirit of the Lord, our minds will undergo a process of renewal that will trigger a transformation when the day comes for the translation to take place?

Is it possible that we have overlooked the importance of the many Scriptural references to the heart? Why is the heart so prominently mentioned in the Scriptures in connection with acts and deeds which express the thought of the mind?

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