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Book of Tephi

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This Book, by J.A. Goodchild, was originally published inEngland in 1897 A.D.  It is the story, as told by Tea (Teia) Tephi herself, and recorded by the Irish bards in the style of free verse poetry.  It gives the account of how Tephi, the daughter of King Zedekiah, fled from Jerusalem to Taphanes in Egypt and finally arrived in Ireland.  It recounts her experiences as a Queen in the"isles of the West" until the day of her death.  The entire recitation, as told by the Irish bards, confirms Ezekiel's riddle of the taking of the "tender twig" - Tea Tephi - from the top of the High Cedar (the royal line) and planting it in another land (Ez. 17).  there is reference to the "tender twig" in this book. The storey includes mention of the "Prophet of God," referring to Jeremiah, although he is not actually named, and to the Stone of Destiny, now residing in the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey, London, England.  Tea Tephi is recorded as relating herself to the line of David, while the harp of David is also mentioned.  Reference is made to the Ark of the Covenant that was brought to Ireland with Tea Tephi.  Other Biblical personalities are included in the record and Baruch, Jeremiah's scribe is spoken of as being in the company of those who, with Tea Tephi, left Egypt for Ireland. This book has long been out of print.  However, we have made a typewritten manuscript of the entire treatise, including a statement by Professor C.A. L. Totten entitled "The Riddle Solved."  P:rofessor Totten pointed out that such evidence as is found in records left by the Irish bards is a source of factual information, confirming the accuracy of Biblical truths and the fulfillment of prophetic predictions.