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The Companion Bible

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The Companion Bible is a new edition of the English Bible. Published originally in six Parts, it is now presented in one Volume and the description which follows shows that the Work is a self-explanatory Bible designed for the general use of all English readers throughout the world.   It has an amount of information (much of it hitherto inaccessible to the ordinary English reader) in its wide margins not to be found in any edition of the A.V. extant. Its position, in these respects, is unique.   In size and weight and type and paper as well as price, it will compare favorably with all existing editions.   It is called The Companion Bible because its wide margin is intended to be a Companion to the Text; and the whole is designed as the Companion of all readers of the Bible.    The human element is excluded, as far as possible, so that the reader may realize that the pervading object of the book is not merely to enable him to interpret the Bible, but to make the Bible the interpreter of God’s Word, and Will, to him.    To the same end this Bible is not associated with the name of any man; so that its usefulness may neither be influenced nor limited by any such consideration; but that may not commend itself, on its own merits, to the whole English-speaking race.   It is NOT a New Translation.  It is NOT an Amended Translation. It is NOT a Commentary.   The Text   The Text is that of the Authorized Version of 1611 as published by the Revisers in their “Parallel Bible” in 1885.  There are NO alterations in the Text beyond what can be effected by a variation in the character of the Type. Hence, there is nothing that affects the ear when reading it aloud;  but only which meets the eye in order to call attention to the important facts and truths.    All account readings and new amended renderings are confined to the margin; which for this purpose, extends to one-half the width of the page.    There are no minute English or Greek “suppressor” letters to confuse the Text; or to perplex the reader when searching for the corresponding numbers or letters in the margins.