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Constituition Explained

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A very limited number of American citizens know what is contained in the Constitution of the United State.  However, the priceless value of the Constitution will dawn upon all without exception if, through shortsighted government leadership, faulty legislative enactments and devious court decisions, we irrevocably depart from its spirit and provisions.  Then it wil be to late to retrieve the freedom and liberty guaranteed under this remarkable document, the ratification and adoption of which by the thirteen colonies wndrously transformed them into the great people of the United States of America.   This book will develop a better understanding and stimulate a more affectionate regard for the sterling worth of our beneficent heritage.  It will inculcate a determination to guard against dangerous departures from the wise plan of government provided by the Constitution.  Many years ago the author became intereste in teh Constitution as a subject for research and interpretation.  He gave up his law practice in Chicago in 1918 to devote his entire time, not only to the Constitution itself, but to the vast amount of historical material that throws light on its making and meaning.  The Constitution Explained presents the results of Mr. Atwood's many years of research and deliberations.