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Emerging Civilization

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An Emerging Civilization marks the culminative, definite work of an internationally known and now increasingly-read and respected author. For people who have tired of generalities; they have wearied of surface studies-endless pursuits claiming to point the way; they have noted that the conclusion is never drawn, that there is no end-point, no sure knowledge of what this world is coming to. They do not understand the seemingly irrational movements of history. Here then is a book which does not impose generalities or a personal philosophy. This book deals in essentials! It is solidly based on the world most authoritative source of information - the Bible. It is meticulous in pointing out in detail the great divine blueprint of centires-long history which is now becoming climactic. It will be seen that world history has about played itself into the last Act; which, as will also be seen, is the first Act of a new beginning. These great forthcoming events are not to be averted. Having refused to listen to the Vocie, we are now to experience the Event. It will also be apparent that what America needs today is not just christianity as is so often said with some ambiguity; rather, it will be clear that America needs Biblical Christianity. For there in the Bible are those great principles which alone point toward the straightening out of the man-made mess. This information puts an end to the mounting confusion of the day.