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Gospel of History

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This book, originally published in the year 1900, has long been out of print. It is an entirely original arrangement of the four Gospel narrative according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. After five years of arduous work, Professor C.A.L. Totten accomplished what no one had previously succeeded in doing - producing a new, word by word, retranslation and consolidation of the Gospels into one continuous and complete whole. His findings are painstakingly compiled and this book should be in the hands of every earnest reader of the Bible. There are many distinguishing features which set this effort at retranslation and harmony apart from all previous and subsequent endeavors to harmonize the four Gospels. In a book review at the time of the first publication of the Gospel of History, it was stated: "One of the most startling assumptions of the work is that the public ministry of our Lord lasted only one year instead of the traditional three years". In the introduction to this new edition, the evidence given in the Acceptable Year of Our Lord confirms the duration of His ministry to have been a little over one year. An Appendix, entitled Three Visitations and a Year of Grace introduces an irrefutable argument in support of Professor Totten's contention for the one-year ministry of Jesus.