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Jew and Non-Jew Israelites

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Jew and Non-Jew Israelites  For he (Apollos) mightily convinced the Jews…showing by the scriptures that Jesus was Christ. Acts 18:28 The prophet Isaiah foretold that the descendants of those thousands of convinced Jews would be known as Christians: and thou shalt be called by a new name (62:2); by another name (65:15). This translation from Jew to Christian, to the new name for Israel’s religion, began in AD 41 as the disciples—were called Christians first in Antioch (Acts 11:26). These and thousands more of Diaspora Israelites comprised the early church. Among them, the gospel spread from Palestine to the Mediterranean area and into Europe. But centuries have passed and they of Europe have forgotten Isaiah’s prophecy and whence they came. For this and other reasons they overlook the Jews who accepted Jesus, focus on those who did not, and assume (ironically), because they are called Christians—they are not Israelites. Also unorganized as Israelites are Christians called Gentiles in the New Testament. Learn, to your surprise of non-jew Israelites; how contextual evidence in Romans and other epistles identifies Christians called Gentiles as of the Diaspora. Out numbering Jews, these were the Israelites whose ancestors were scattered and remained abroad after the seventh and sixth century BC Assyrian and Babylonian invasions and deportations. Outside of Palestine, over 600 years when Jesus arrived, they had multiplied and spread north and west, far into Europe. They were—the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad (James 1:1). In this treatise you will find the lost sheep of the house of Israel as you discover your roots and the reason why Christianity is Eurocentric.