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Marvels of Prophecy

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For a long time there has been a real need for a general book on the subject of prophecy which would contain factual, attention-holding information presented in a manner to claim the interest of the person entirely unacquainted with the utterances of the prophets of the Lord. We are more than confident that this is the book. Here is a treatise that demonstrates the marvelous accuracy of the Scriptures. The student of prophecy will value this book for its summarization of all the evidence underlying the great theme of the Bible, tracing, as it does, the step-by-step fulfillment, with remarkable exactness, of the prophets' messages which have been directed to our day. While this book provides knowledge upon which to base an understanding of the reasons for the present world turmoil, it points out as well the way in which the peace the world so desperately seeks will ultimately be established upon this globe. This is an ideal gift book - one you may hand to an acquaintance or inquirer to adequately answer his questions about the purpose of prophecy.