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Melchizedek in Our Midst

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Author: Dr. John Neuhaus III For over forty years of devoted and delicate ministry and service to the Lord, Senior Chief Apostle Dr. John Neuhaus, has brought the kingdom of God to the nations. He is the founder of AACML, The Apostolic Association of Churches Ministers and Leaders International. He, along with his wife provides Apostolic Covering to churches globally. He is a Father to the Nations. John has travelled extensively throughout the world, preaching the gospel of the kingdom with passion, and with a demonstration and ministry and message of present kingdom truths to this generation. Throughout his life’s ministry thousands have healed; lives have been enriched with the signs, wonders, and miracles of the spirit of the Lord. He plants churches and new works, trains leaders and activates and empowers the body of Christ. “Melchizedek In Our Midst” is a life’s journey for John. His desire is to reveal the kingdom of God to God’s people. “Melchizedek In Our Midst” is the revelation of the high priestly ministry and operation of the coming kingdom of our time.