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Palestine: Center of World Intrigue

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Palestine:  Center of World Intrigue:  Abraham and His Seed; The Birthright; Ephraim and Manesseh; Judah's Blessing; Selections and Rejections; Samuel Anointed David; David's House; Established Forever; Throne Over Israel; Throne in Israel; Use of Terms; Jews Reject Jesus; Political Zionism; Israel's Withdrawal; Prophecy Regarding House of Israel; Israel a Nation Always; A curse and a Repraoch; Judgment upon Zionism; Promised Retribution; Israel Revolts; Kingdom Taken From David; Benjamin Remained; The Captivities; Westward Trek; The Appointed Place; The Latter Days; Israel Christianized; Jews Under a Curse; Israel and the Jew; Name as a Curse; The Return from Babylon; Jews Condemn Themselves; Evil Figs; The Fig Tree; Condemned for Unfruitfulness; Modern Israel; Not his People; Endeavor to Fulfill Prophecy; The Verdict is Failure; From the Bottomless Pit; Evil Machination; Messianic Complex; A Major Blunder; Misapplication of Prophecy; Malignant Evil; Israel's Return; Unholy Zionism; Israel Triumphant; The Controversy of Zion. The Plot to Seize the Kingdom:  Supporting the Abomination; A Great Conspiracy; Ominous Prophecies; Gullible Americans; His Enemies; His Servants; Bring Hither; Numbered for Slaughter; Seizing the Inhertance; Verdict Justified; A Plan of Action; Power of Money; Gestapo in Our Midst; Interesting Document; The Approaching Climax. A Signal of Major Importance:  Falsification of Prophecy; False Prophets; The Abomination a Sign; Abomination Identified; Stand where it Ought Not; Special Warning; Zionist Expectations; Desolating the Land; The Appalling Horror; Great and Terrible Day; Time Shortened; Established in Palestine.