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The Parables of The Kingdom

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The Parables of the Kingdom used book in good condition Author John J. Morey Many books have been written dealing with the Parables of the Bible. We believe, however, that this is the first serious attempt to explain the true meaning of the Kingdom Parables of both the Old and New Testaments. The author has successfully demonstrated the truth that the teaching of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth begins in the Old Testament and that the New is but the enlarged vision of the Old. The reader may be astonished at some new presentations of the old truths, but after thoughtfully considering the authors conclusions he will agree that the explanations are clear, logical, convincing and true. The author has not sermonized upon the Parables;  he has expounded on them.  He has not spiritualized, or adapted them to theological beliefs; he has shown their relationship to the Kingdom teaching of our Lord. The illumination of many passages of the Old and New Covenant Scriptures here given presents a view of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth not ordinarily seen. This new light will give encouragement, faith, and assurance to the reader that God is working out His plan steadily and surely, and that we can await with confidence the Coming of Our Lord to restore His Kingdom in earth.