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This is a book of five parts: Book of Creation, Book of Beginnings, Book of the Exodus, Book of the Law and Book of the Kingdom. Here, contained in one volume, is the fascinating account of creation, the beginning of human history, the rise of civilizations, the organization of the Kingdom of God on earth and its subsequent history durign the successive stages of its growth in preparation for its future destiny and greatness. This one book lays a foundation of the Scriptural knowledge upon which all accurate research must rest. As its title suggests, it deals with first beginnings: the preparation of the earth for the habitation of mankind; the beginning of human governments; the beginning of the Race of the Book; the beginning of the Kingdom of God at Mount Sinai. The earlier books of the Bible are basically a study in origins and all the essential background they provide is presented here in a verse-by-verse exposition in an easily-read style. Before Christians can expect to secure the blessings of peace promised to those who are righteous, they must believe all that God has declared to be true throughout His Written Word. They must also, in the light of their belief, follow His instructions and His admonitions. With this thought in mind, this book was written so that believers may be supplied with evidence to sustain their trust in the inspiration of the Word of God Written. There is no other work like Primogenesis and nowhere else will such a wealth of facts be found, substantiating the truth of the Scriptures. Particular emphasis in this book is placed upon the veracity of the account of creation, the certainty of the authorship of Moses of the books he wrote and the correctness of the account that follows his records. As the story is told, it will heighten your interest in the Bible and increase your knowledge of the great drama of the ages unfolding in its pages. Primogenesis is a textbook without parallel for use in Bible study.