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Prince of the Power of the Air

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The title of this booklet is quoted from a statement by Paul that clearly reveals that there is a celestial being in opposition to God and apart from the human race.  He is a prince and ruler exercising authority and power in his own dominion and over the minds and hearts of the unregenerated who become subject to his control and conform with his directives. From time immemorial there have been those who have endeavored to relegate the Devil, that is, Satan, to the limbo of forgetfulness, even to declaring the impossibility of his very existence. Paul the Apostle states otherwise and the testimony of this most acknowledgeable servant of our Lord, in his testimony and witness, takes precedent over any of our modern pundits today.  Furthermore let it be fully recognized that whatever God created and formed its nadir or opposite was also created.  If there is a top there is a bottom; if there is height, there id depth; if there is heat, there is cold; if there is good, there is evil  God declares "I make peace and create evil" (Isa. 45:  7) and this booklet confirms that Satan, that is, the Devil, and evil or demonic spirits do indeed exist and are carrying out their evil activities.